Home Maintenance Services


Everyday Handyman has earned a worthy reputation as purveyors of quality, affordable home maintenance services in Howard County, Maryland.

Our team of trained, experienced, and customer-friendly home maintenance professionals have the training and experience required to keep your home in good shape, always.

Here’s a look at some of our top house maintenance services in Howard County and Carroll County, Maryland.

Here at Everyday Handyman we offer a wide array of property maintenance services that will keep your home in tiptop shape.

House Interior Maintenance

Regular home repair ensures your home runs more efficiently. These seemingly ‘simple’ repairs, if regular, can help you prevent budget-blowing repairs and replacements soon. We make year-round routine checks and fixes to ensure your home stays ‘fit.’

For interiors, our residential home interior and exterior maintenance services in Howard County, Maryland include caulking installation, window repairs, loose cabinets, broken tiles, leaky faucet, insulation installation, furnace filters replacement, and smoke detector battery replacement.

House Exterior Maintenance

Our exterior maintenance services cover – but are not limited to – caulking, debris removal, gutter clearing, power washing, paint touch-ups, etc.


Insulation has various benefits:

  • Reduces noise
  • Helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature
  • Helps keep out unwanted visitors like insects, bugs, and small rodents
  • Is eco-friendly by keeping the heat or cool air indoor
  • Saves you money if your home isn’t leaking heat or air conditioning

Whatever type of insulation you need, here at Everyday Handyman we’ve got you covered.

General Home Repairs

Do you have bad drywall? Are your screen doors falling off tracks? For whatever repair(s) you need from a handyman service in your home or commercial property, call Everyday Handyman right away.

We take project schedules seriously and work hard to complete projects when we say we will. We bend over backwards to minimize the disruption to your normal daily routines.

What needs repair? Pipe insulation, water heater, plumbing leaks, faucet? Name it, and Everyday Handyman can fix it.

Do I need Maintenance Services for my Home?

Yes, you do.

It’s most likely your mortgage lender, realtor, or some other advisor has alerted you to your property’s maintenance needs, even if you’re a brand new property owner. If not, the property itself will soon enough remind you that maintenance is a serious and ongoing homeowner responsibility.

Home Maintenance Services, Howard County

But why the emphasis on maintenance? Let us count the reasons:

  • Save on Home Repairs

Although regularly-scheduled maintenance costs money up front, a dollar spent on maintenance today will prevent many cost-intensive repairs down the road. So, consider a proactive approach to avert future repair bill disasters requiring thousands of dollars. Even if you keep a budget line for home repairs, nobody likes expensive surprises! And letting things break can be costly! Replacing parts before they fail is ultimately how to save on home repairs.

  • Run Your Home More Efficiently

Dust and dirt allowed to collect on services has long-term impacts – both on your health and on the systems in your home. As you sweep and vacuum your home as a regular routine, make other out-of-the-way areas like the furnace filters and the evaporative coils beneath your fridge part of your routine. While the visual effect may seem negligible, if left unattended, over time the results can be damaging. To sustain the efficiency in your home, stick to a schedule for your home maintenance. Everyday Handyman can help you remember and respond when parts of your critical infrastructure need maintenance.

  • Increase Your Home’s Value

Maintaining your home will support the property’s value. Period. The better a physical structure is maintained, the longer it will last. And the more appealing it will be to the next owner, should you ever choose to sell. The older your house, typically the less value it attracts. Regular home maintenance is critical for keeping ordinary wear and tear from becoming major, expensive repairs or devalueing the home even faster. Everyday Handyman is set up to help you care for and protect what may be your biggest asset.

  • Improve Your Home’s Safety

We recommend regular testing and maintenance of all home safety systems to make sure they are in good working order and doing their job to keep your family safe. Regular checkups for your other major systems not only protects your family’s comfort, it also protects their health and physical safety. Electrical, gas, and HVAC (heating and cooling) systems should be checked annually to identify potential problems. From 2011-2014 statistics say electrical failure has caused fires that cost a whopping $1.4 billion in property damage, and caused 1,370 injuries and 420 deaths.

If you have an electric garage door opener have that checked as well. Malfunctioning garage doors harm many small children every year. Obviously, keeping your roof and gutter systems are vitally important, to keep water from invading the structure and causing mold. These are all safety hazards that can be taken care of with a routine maintenance plan. The Everyday Handyman House Maintenance Service helps you maintain your home on many levels: efficiency, market value, and safety, as well as visual appeal.

Why Choose Everyday Handyman?

The principal partners in Everyday Handyman have many years combined experience servicing Maryland homeowners.

Our home maintenance service, based in Howard County and serving Central Maryland, is designed to offer residents the best professional repair and maintenance service for residential properties.

Our team of highly-skilled home maintenance experts have earned customers’ trust for completing projects on schedule, the quality of the work, our affordability, and our attention to detail.

The Maryland service area we cover includes Howard County and Carroll County. We serve many clients in the cities of Columbia and Ellicott City. Our office is in Sykesville, Maryland.

When you become our client, we partner with you throughout any process you hire us to perform – from routine home maintenance and repair projects to full-scale design and remodeling.