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There is never a good time for a leak inside your home or business. It’s even worse if the leak has gone undetected, or ignored, for a while.

From clogged drains to major repairs, our central Maryland plumbing technicians offer premium handyman plumbing services in Central Maryland.

Our plumbing technicians will promptly fix obstructed drain pipes, leaking taps, commodes, central heating boilers, sump pumps, and more. Whether your water leak issues are common or complex, we have the expertise to handle them. And we back our expertise behind a solid history of precision!

We offer services in and around Howard County and Carroll County, Maryland.

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The Urgency Behind Plumbing Troubles

No matter where the leak is, it is vital to contact a plumbing professional right away. If you wait too long, insurance may not cover it. According to claimsmate, the leading source for insurance claims information, homeowner’s insurance will not cover plumbing problems stemming from long-term leaks.

Think of it this way:  Damage from long-term leaks and trouble from burst pipes can cause mold, mildew, and decay. Treat leaky issues with a sense of urgency, whether inside or outside of your property. This way, secondary problems do not have a chance to occur.

If you suspect you have any kind of a leak , call our plumbing specialists to take a look. They can quickly assess the situation and, if intervention is necessary, they can tackle the repair, big or small.

Our Dependable and Certified Technicians Take Care Of:

Any Pipe Problem or Replacement

Here at BlueLadder Handyman & Construction, we understand pipe problems. Although the pipes in your home or business are meant to last for decades, they are known to slowly decay over a period of time.

Spillages of water and possibly even raw sewage can occur without your even knowing it. For example, frozen ground causes shifting in soil, and that alone can crack your pipes.

What To Expect From Us

We can fix or replace supply and drain pipes made out of brass, copper, galvanized steel, cast iron, PEX, PVC, and other materials.

Warning Signs You May Have A Leak In Drain Pipe

Leaky Bathrooms

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a puddle of water around the toilet. We offer the finest handyman and plumbing services in Central Maryland and can deliver when it comes to the bolts, gaskets, and pipes of a commode or tub.

What to Expect From Us

We’ll investigate all possibilities by looking at the base of your toilet to see if water expands when flushing. It may need a good bolt tightening or wax ring replacement. We leave no stone unturned. There may be more complex issues related to hidden pipes behind the wall or under the flooring.

Red Flags Signaling a Bathroom Leak

Basement, Sump Pump, and Hot Water Tank Problems

A flood in your basement can occur at any moment. The flooding can usually be credited to insufficient water drainage around your basement wall surfaces, destructive storms, a malfunctioning sump pump, or hot water tank mishap.

What to Expect From Us

Our goal is to get to the bottom of what is causing the flooding. Even if the culprit is your tankless water heater, we’ll either repair or replace it. We then dry out the basement immediately and get it sanitized and deodorized. Our fully equipped trucks can handle water extraction. We’ll also remove and haul away unsalvageable items.

Protect Yourself:

Telltale Signs of Sump Pump and Basement Issues

Ice Maker Leaks or Installation

Ice makers are known for failing in some way, shape, or form. Occasionally they get clogged or quit generating ice. And sometimes, they even begin leaking water throughout the freezer, causing seepage onto the kitchen floor.

What to Expect From Us
We’ll unplug the fridge to check the water line for damage. It could simply be loose. At times, there may even be pooling of water underneath the filter, due to a crack. Either way, we’ll repair or replace it.

Warning Signs You May Have Ice Maker Problems

Laundry Room Leakage and Repair

Water on the laundry room floor may point to a leak from your washing machine. It could be due to a loosely connected pipe or hose.

What to Expect From Us

Should you run across a leak in your laundry room, call on the best handyman &  plumbing services that Central Maryland has to offer. We give free estimates! Our water damage team’s priority would be to investigate the laundry line drain to see if it might need a simple cleaning; then they would move on to investigate a more severe issue.

Red Flags from Washing Machine Leaks

Laundry Room Leakage and Repair Services, Maryland

Leakage in Ceilings and Walls

Most of us will quickly recognize a stain on the ceiling. Our immediate thought is, “Water leak!” However, it may still not be easy trying to figure out where the leak is coming from. It’s not always coming from missing shingles on the roof!

What To Expect From Us

If you are experiencing leaks in ceilings, behind walls, or under flooring, we’ll be able to locate where it’s coming from by troubleshooting culprits such as:

Watch Out for These Warning Signs

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Pipe troubles only occur for us as a headache when we can see the problem or obvious damage. The reality is that plumbing problems usually begin way before you register it as an emergency. Certified plumbing professionals like us can help resolve any big or small issue you are dealing with, including but not limited to leak detection and drain cleanings of any kind. If you do not see your problem on this list, chances are, we can still resolve it.

It’s no wonder our customers consider us the #1 handyman plumbing service in the Central Maryland area. Call BlueLadder Handyman & Construction. We are certified and can take care of all your plumbing needs. 410-441-3488.